The 21CXRM East Shetland Platform Project Phase 1 – SEEBASE Study is an integrated geophysical and geological study of basement and basin evolution of the Greater East Shetland Platform and surrounds on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). The study was undertaken in support of the United Kingdom Oil and Gas Authority’s (UK OGA) 21st Century Exploration Road Map Initiative (21CXRM) to stimulate future exploration activity and support improvements in regional understanding of this area.

The SEEBASE structural model is the result of integration of multiple datasets using Frogtech Geoscience’s unique workflow, and advances the understanding of the economic potential of the under-explored East Shetland Platform region. It provides a geologically-constrained, spatially-continuous depiction of the basement surface, overcoming the challenge of poor imaging of basement on 2D seismic data, thus reducing the exploration risk on the UK Continental Shelf. 

The complete 21CXRM East Shetland Platform Project is available for download courtesy of UK OGL. 

The report can be viewed below with key datasets available through ArcGIS Online.

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Oblique 3D View of the East Shetland Platform SEEBASE

Oblique 3D View of the East Shetland Platform SEEBASE