Present-day heat flow at your fingertips.

TERRAFLUX is a project ready, basement-derived present-day heat flow product that takes advantage of our signature SEEBASE® geophysical modelling and integrated basement composition, terranes, structural and tectonic history analysis.

The geologically-constrained model of basement heat flow is built and calibrated with Frogtech Geoscience’s proprietary SEEBASE and SABRE methodology, tools and internal databases including:

  1. basement terranes

  2. basement composition

  3. thickness of radiogenic  basement

  4. the tectonic evolution of the region, especially any Mesozoic to Cenozoic extensional events

  5. active or recent magmatism

iterative interpretation and analysis

TERRAFLUX is derived from an analysis of basement: its composition, structure and history. The model is generated through an integrated, iterative interpretation and analysis of a wide range of publicly available geophysical and geological datasets. The result is a geologically based, spatially continuous, heat flow model.

This model is able to predict heat flow away from the isolated data points and provides improved resolution for interpretation of basin-hosted petroleum and mineral systems.

iterative interpretation and analysis

TERRAFLUX is a fully documented geospatial product and includes the following benefits:

  • Geologically-based heat flow model – take advantage of our signature SEEBASE® geophysical modelling and integrated basement composition, terranes, structures and history analysis across a region.

  • Reduce risk for basin and thermal modelling – understand heat flow variations with independently assessed variable radiogenic heat contribution from basement, mantle input and impact of local igneous and tectonic events

  • Expand your basin modelling horizons - thanks to a spatially-continuous dataset that unlock 1D, 2D and 3D thermal modelling away from data points even in underexplored or frontier basins

  • Fast-track your petroleum system modelling – geological history and contemporary basement structure translated into one single ready-to-use basal heat flow grid

  • Essential calibration of present-day heat flow - Benchmark your own model with our independent and innovative model

  • Easily access results - All Terraflux studies include a comprehensive technical report and raster grid formats compatible with ArcGIS.

  • Ready for customisation - Enhance the results by adding your own constraining data

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