Frogtech Geoscience is a world leader in structural and tectonic interpretations, basin analysis and resource-related geoscience. Our technical experts work with clients to understand their exploration challenges, and to provide unique insights and tailored solutions. Our projects deliver highly sophisticated and integrated assessments of basement and basins in a geospatial environment (ArcGIS).

Our reputation is built on our scientifically led independent consultancy. We have no material interest in the outcome of the projects we undertake.

Our services draw on our mulit-disciplinary expertise, including:

  • Geodynamics

  • Potential Field Geophysics

  • Structural Geology

  • Plate Reconstructions

  • Basin Analysis

  • Seismic and Well Log Interpretation

  • Petroleum Systems Analysis

  • Heat Flow Modelling

Over 300 global projects completed.

Over 300 global projects completed.

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Our core consulting services

  • Basin and Resource Evaluation using SABRE - our proprietary systematic basin and resource evaluation methodology

  • Geodynamic evolution and prospectivity modelling using our SEEBASE interpretation framework

  • Advanced Potential Field Geophysics, including our proprietary enhancements

case studies 

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