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Our portfolio of SEEBASE multi-client regional products covers some of the most prospective regions on earth. Below you will find our extensive range of regional SEEBASE products. Select from the map or list below for more information or to request a trial of the product.


Algeria SEEBASE builds on the Algeria GIS Exploration Adviser, developed by Lynx Information Systems Ltd, to provide a fully integrated 3D basement model (including geometry, terranes, composition, structure, heat flow, crustal stretching)  fully calibrated with published cross-sections and seismic data, geological maps, and the latest plate reconstructions.


The Australian Phanerozoic OZ SEEBASE™ (2005) and Proterozoic OZ SEEBASE™ (2006) are the compilation of over 10 years work by FROGTECH with clients in the Australian Federal andState/Territory governments, petroleum, mineral and coal sectors.  


Presenting a regional tectonic synthesis and interpretation that includes descriptions of 17 basement terranes, tectonostratigraphy and Frogtech Geoscience plate reconstruction models for five key tectonic events during the Paleozoic and Tertiary to Recent.




An integrated structural and tectonic interpretation of basement evolution and basin response to Atlantic break-up. The results form a new geological framework and exploration template that can be used to better constrain and predict petroleum systems elements. Collectively, the new basin models underpin the generation of new play concepts.


The Gulf of Mexico SEEBASE study provides a regional depth-to-basement model for the entire Gulf of Mexico region, from the USA to Mexico.  Key inclusions are the interpretation of basement terranes and composition, heat flow, structure and tectonic history, supported by Frogtech Geoscience plate reconstruction models and crustal scale gravity models.


Covering the Economic Zone of Myanmar highlighting the structural response of the heterogeneous Myanmar basement to the complex and still active Tertiary convergence and collision of India with Eurasia. An ideal regional geological assessment for basin screening, and to undertake first-pass evaluations of resource potential.



The New Zealand Extended Continental Shelf SEEBASE provides the first systematic compilation and interpretation of the regional geological data required to understand the structural controls and distribution of sedimentary basins in the New Zealand ECS and Lord Howe region.

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Onshore North Africa SEEBASE is a study and GIS package inclusive of a quantitative depth-to-basement model of present-day economic basement. This study builds on a wealth of knowledge acquired from over fifty projects undertaken by Frogtech Geoscience in Africa over the last fifteen years.

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The North Atlantic SEEBASE is a mega-regional depth–to–basement model of the present-day economic basement that is consistent with the structural evolution of basins and sub-basins along the North Atlantic margin and North Sea, including UK, Ireland, Norway, and Greenland.

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The study presents a regional tectonic synthesis and interpretation that includes descriptions of 50+ basement terranes, Frogtech Geoscience plate reconstruction models and tectonostratigraphic histories for seven key tectonic events covering the Cenozoic.


The Black Sea SEEBASE Lite Study and GIS presents a new regional view of the Black Sea region – a vast and highly promising area, in particular the underexplored, deep water part of the basin.

Greater Caspian

The first cross-border detailed interpretation of basement architecture covering the geopolitically and geologically complex Greater Caspian region, revealing among others, Permo-Triassic rifts in Central Caspian (Scythian-Turan platform). 

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Covering more than 3,500,000 km2, the South China SEEBASE® (Structurally Enhanced view of Economic BASEment) study is an industry leading cross-border depth-to-basement structural model and the key to unlocking your understanding of regional prospectivity in South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand regions.


Available July 2017.
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This study provides a regional structural and depth-to-basement model for the north-eastern margin of South America, including Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana. Key deliverables are the depth-to-basement interpretation as well as basement terranes and composition, heat flow, structure and tectonic history, supported by Frogtech Geoscience plate reconstruction models and gravity modelling.