A comprehensive customer care & product maintenance program
for Frogtech Multiclient Products

Frogtech Geoscience's SEEBASE-GeoMS is a comprehensive support and maintenance program for SEEBASE Multi-Client Product clients.

GeoMS ensures the ongoing client value of SEEBASE studies through delivery of updated science and specialist support services when it is needed.

Features & Benefits

Product updates and upgrades

We regularly update our products to incorporate new content from industry and academic literature, newly released public domain data (potential field, wells, seismic) and to incorporate developments in Frogtech’s proprietary geophysical processing and modelling techniques. Keep your SEEBASE® content current with regular product updates including all major upgrades ensuring you benefit from the latest science. For the duration of your maintenance period, you will enjoy access to all updates and major upgrades through our dedicated customer portal.


Be assured you are working with the very latest information, get instant notifications of new product releases, updates and upgrades across all your SEEBASE® products.

Preferential consulting services

As a SEEBASE-GeoMS user, you will enjoy preferential rates across our extended range of consulting services.

Access leading technical specialists

Get the personalised support you need for your projects and address everyday challenges to reduce your workload and increase productivity through SEEBASE-GeoMS where you will enjoy access to our team of experts, including access to SEEBASE Multiclient report authors to ensure your questions are answered.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Benefit from online tutorials, FAQ, detailed methodology, case studies and examples that help users get the most value out of SEEBASE products. Ensure new users are productive by giving them access to the latest thinking and methods.


Enjoy 24/7 access to your portfolio of SEEBASE products through a dedicated secure client portal knowing you will always be up-to-date. SEEBASE-GeoMS users can download the latest products through a dedecated customer portal library with convenient FTP services.