Unlock Regional Prospectivity with SEEBASE

SEEBASE® (Structurally Enhanced view of Economic BASEment) is our flagship multi-client product and the best foundation to develop new petroleum systems exploration concepts and strategies.

Key benefits of each regional SEEBASE multi-client product include:

  • True depth to basement - including the distribution, structural style and depth to basement and basins across a region

  • Identify potential for undiscovered hydrocarbons - Understand the relationship between known hydrocarbon fields and basement evolution

  • Know the limits of basin systems - Basin outlines have been updated and include previously unrecognised potential depocentres

  • Understand where, why and when traps are formed and modified - Distribution of potentially active faulting during key trap-forming/deforming events is mapped

  • Reduce risk for basin and thermal modelling - Present-day basement heat flow calculated from revised basement terranes and composition

  • A truly scalable solution - With applicability from basin to permit-scale studies

  • Easily access results - All SEEBASE studies include a desktop ready GIS package in ArcGIS format

  • Ready for customisation - Enhance the results by adding your own constraining data

Explorers will benefit from a fully integrated interpretation of basement geology, tectonic evolution and basin development. The interpreted and hand-contoured SEEBASE model defines basement architecture in a manner that is superior to simple gridding of depth points from seismic, magnetic and gravity data sets.

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Part of a joint venture, or need to structure a deal to fit within your operational costs? All our SEEBASE multi-client products are available with flexible licensing options.


A key benefit of all SEEBASE products is their ability to be customised with the input of customer constraining datasets for targeted calibration.

Updates and Support

 Keep your SEEBASE® product current, and benefit from the latest science, with regular product updates.
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