SABRE - Systematic Approach to Basin Resource Evaluation – is the backbone of our rapid basin evaluation workflow.

The SABRE methodology begins with a big-picture analysis of plate reconstructions, structural provinces, basement terranes and regional kinematics. This regional analysis of basement character beneath and adjacent to sedimentary basins, coupled with knowledge of tectonic events, provides a foundation to move rapidly into basin and play-scale evaluations.


The SABRE methodology develops a comprehensive structural model which is built on the integration of all readily available geophysical and geological datasets and other constraining information.

Frogtech Geoscience experts in geophysics, structural and basement geology, geodynamics and basin analysis work as a team and undertake multiple iterations to build the integrated structural model.

Frogtech uses enhanced potential field data (principally gravity, magnetics and DEM) to provide a window into basement that can cover wide areas with uninterrupted data at a constant resolution. Such ‘map view’ interpretations contrast with the ‘cross-section view’ interpretations, which often result from only using more conventional industry data such as wells and seismic data. While individual datasets used in isolation can produce ambiguous results, the integration of multiple, regional-scale datasets yields a more tightly constrained model that is consistent across all available data. 

Together, SABRE and SEEBASE deliver unique products and valuable insights for our clients, including:

  • A rapid and cost-effective framework of basement and basin evolution

  • An integrated understanding of basin-forming events, accommodation and depositional histories through time

  • SEEBASE Depth to Basement, Total sediment thickness, crustal structure and depth-to-Moho

  • Geologically-controlled model for basement-derived heat flow

  • Insights into the distribution and quality of source, reservoir and seal facies

  • An structural understanding of trap formation and fault reactivation histories

  • A foundation to understand exploration risks and to plan new acquisition and exploration strategies

SABRE - Bottom up.png