Our commitment to Research, Development and Innovation

We are proud to be at the forefront of global geoscience research and design in the field of non-seismic potential field data processing, basement structural and thermal process interpretation, GIS modelling and visualisation. R&D is at the heart of Frogtech Geoscience's operating model. In the past ten years our commitment to scientific innovation sees 20 percent of company revenues reinvested in developing new and innovative products, services and scientific inventions to help deliver essential scientific solutions to our clients.
Our strong commitment to innovation is the reason why we are a global leader in producing products and processes for the full spectrum of upstream natural resources and energy sector companies.

In short, we are committed to advancing essential science for successful exploration. 

Our research team

Our innovation is fuelled by a highly skilled team with a majority of PhD qualified Senior and Principal Scientists, including recognised global leaders in potential field geophysical data processing and geoscience dataset interpretations. The key to success has been to integrate experts across several geoscience disciplines (geophysics, geodynamics, basin experts and GIS) around a common GIS framework to produce a holistic earth model that is consistent across all available datasets.
Collectively, our scientific personnel have over 250 years of experience covering the full array of geo-resource exploration specialities. We frequently present keynote speeches at international conferences in North America, the UK, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand where our experts have been routinely recognised for their outstanding contributions including by award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.


Our Research program

Our R&D program is designed to strengthen our capability to develop tailored products and optimise R&D processes for rapid development of solutions in a wide range of geoscience-related problems. To achieve those goals, management of our R&D programs and projects follows the exact same optimized practice and methodology standards as our client funded projects.
We conduct biannual R&D events where different teams collaborate on R&D focus topics. Those events underpin a structured annual program of company-wide multidisciplinary exercises that contribute innovative unique ideas to our body of knowledge fuelling future R&D research areas and the sustainability of our company’s future.
Our SEEBASE products are a result of over 20 years and 150,000 hours of continuous research and development and the demonstration of corporate experience in innovation.

ZS filter.jpg

Non-seismic Geophysics leadership

Unique to Frogtech Geoscience is the interaction and integration between in-house geophysicists and geoscientists during processing, enhancement and modelling of potential field data. Combining extensive geophysical and geological interpretation experience during the processing phase results in well-constrained geophysical solutions to geological problems.

Under the leadership of Dr Zhiqun Shi and in collaboration with interpretation geoscientists, Frogtech Geoscience has developed more than ten proprietary enhancement filters and workflows including the MTC-LML* and CA** filters to address the problem of magnetic source location and shape in low magnetic latitude data (within ± 25° of the equator). This technique facilitates identification and mapping of source bodies with negative remanence,  as well as source bodies with both induced and positive remanent magnetisation. Dr Shi is a globally recognised leader in non-seismic geophysics with forty years experience in data and signal processing, enhancements and magnetic and gravity modelling for petroleum, mining and groundwater sectors. Software developed by Dr Shi for automated methods to model magnetic bodies and spectral analysis of magnetic data have been commercialised and are now an industry standard.

The non-seismic geophysical processing team is further strengthened by Mr Adam Kroll, with more than ten years experience consulting to mining and petroleum sectors. Adam is an innovator having developed a proprietary unmanned airborne geophysical acquisition platform. Adam developed the platform after having consulted to over forty minerals companies.

*Modulus of total component at low magnetic latitudes

** Compound Anomaly

Frogtech Geoscience Proterozoic OZ SEEBASE™

Government collaboration

We recognise the importance of government and industry collaboration. 

Our collaboration with the Australian Government led to development of a country-scale SEEBASE of Australia that served to highlight and promote private investment in the natural resource sector by Geoscience Australia. OZ SEEBASE provides an unequalled foundation for cost effective and rapid evaluation and development of basin resources, and demonstrates our proven track record for innovative products and solutions supporting government and institutional partners. The Australian Phanerozoic OZ SEEBASE™ (2005) and Proterozoic OZ SEEBASE™ (2006) are the compilation of over 10 years work by Frogtech Geoscience with the Australian Federal and State/Territory governments, petroleum, mineral and coal sectors.




Frogtech Geoscience is passionate about investing in the future generation of geoscientists.

Our links with Australian tertiary education providers allow our team to regularly collaborate on research through ARC projects, provide mentoring to PhD level students and become involved in the development of future talent.

Through these interactions we boost our understanding of the new ideas that will shape the future of our industry.