Frogtech Global Basement Terranes - Now Available Online

Frogtech has now made the Global Basement Terranes (2013) database available as easy-to-purchase tiles in the Geoscience Store

An example product can be downloaded for free here.

Containing over 1300 continental basement terranes, Frogtech's Global Basement Terranes (2013) is the culmination of over 12 years' research, data collection, and interpretation. All basement terranes are mapped from the integration, processing and interpretation of publicly-available datasets and include documentation of terrane type, megaterrane, basement age and references.

More detailed information on the Global Basement Terranes database and GIS project is available here.

Global Basement Terranes provides the following key benefits:

  • A comprehensive compilation and interpretation of basement terranes, including a review of conjugate continental margins.
  • Insight into the relationship between basement terranes, the overlying sedimentary basins and their petroleum systems.
  • Understanding of timing of deformation, tectonic history and plate reconstruction through time.
  • More accurate prediction of the occurrence and distribution of petroleum play elements.
  • GIS format database with extensive references and attributes. 

Global Basement Terranes (2013) is also available as regional and global subscriptions including ongoing R&D and customer support.