Global SEEBASE® D2B: Depth-to-basement wherever and whenever you explore.

Available in global, regional or custom packages, Global SEEBASE® D2B delivers Frogtech’s renowned depth-to-basement surface wherever and whenever you need it.

Created with flexibility in mind, Global SEEBASE® D2B is available in a range of packages:

Global is a contiguous data solution for company-wide licensing and distribution.

Regional packages allow customers to choose from a range of geographic and exploration areas.

Custom packages let explorers select specific areas of interest according to their own strategic priorities.

Frogtech Global SEEBASE® D2B includes:

•SEEBASE® depth-to-basement grid/image

•Interpretation confidence and documentation

•Total sediment thickness

•Age and extent of basement terranes

•Basin outlines

•Limit of oceanic crust

•Ongoing product support and updates

To enquire about our global, regional or custom Global SEEBASE® D2B delivery options, email