Frogtech Geoscience wins UK OGA tender for East Shetland Platform

Frogtech Geoscience wins UK OGA 21CXRM Tender for East Shetland Platform

As part of the 21st Century Exploration Road Map initiative (21CXRM), the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), in collaboration with the 21CXRM Technical Advisory Committee, has awarded a contract for a petroleum system related study for the East Shetland Platform.

The contract was awarded to Frogtech Geoscience and is expected to be completed by the end of Q1 2017.

The provision of the study has been supported by the MER UK Exploration Task Force and will complement the acquisition and reprocessing of seismic data in this area which has formed part of the 2016 UK Government Seismic Programme. 

Nick Richardson, OGA Head of Exploration and New Ventures, said: “These projects represent the initial phases of more extensive regional mapping projects to drive exploration across the UK Continental Shelf."

The UK OGS expects the project will enhance industry knowledge, awareness and understanding of the East Shetland Platform ahead of the 31st Frontier Licencing Round.