Press Release - Frogtech Geoscience launches new website

Frogtech Geoscience - New company logo.

Frogtech Geoscience - New company logo.

Canberra, Australia (24 August 2016) – Frogtech Pty Ltd announces the launch of a new company name ‘Frogtech Geoscience’, a new company logo and a new, redesigned version of its company website.

The new company name reflects the positioning of Frogtech Geoscience as a world leader in Geoscience, reinforced by the United Kingdom Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) press release on 15 August 2016 announcing Frogtech Geoscience as a winner of an international competition to deliver its signature SEEBASE™ product (Structurally Enhanced view of Economic BASEment) for the UK Government. (see more here)

The new company logo reflects the Australian heritage of the company with red ochre, representing the earth of the Australian outback under a blue Australian sky. The new company website went live on 24 August 2016 offering a simplified look and easily accessible content covering Frogtech Geoscience’s global range of products and consulting services. Of note, the
new site includes a digital market place where customers can purchase digitally delivered Geoscience datasets and software. The ability to sell high quality digital products through the site directly extends the global reach of the company.

“As we enter our thirteen year of trade, we are as excited as ever to shape the future of geoscience. Our new site will enable our customers to gain timely access to new products including our industry leading SEEBASE™ regional studies” said Ryan Murphy, General Manager, Frogtech Geoscience.

About Frogtech Geoscience

Frogtech Pty Ltd trading as Frogtech Geoscience provides industry leading solutions in non‐seismic geophysics, geodynamics, structural geology, seismic and well interpretation, stratigraphy and petroleum systems to reduce exploration risk.
Our earth‐science experience and research capability extends across a broad range of applications for both government and commercial enterprise. Based in Australia, our work and expertise extend across the globe. Our projects for industry and governments cover the business sectors of conventional and unconventional petroleum, minerals, groundwater, geothermal and CCS. With over 300 client projects worldwide, we are a recognised leader in reducing exploration risk through our provision of innovation and high quality, science‐based solutions.

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