We provide the foundation for play-based exploration so you can explore with confidence. 

Our multi-client products are the culmination of years of experience gained through conducting over 300 projects in basins across the world. All multi-client products are available on a non-exclusive, single organisation or joint-venture/consortia license basis.

SEEBASE® Multi-Client Regional study and GIS STUDIES

The market leading multi-client regional hand-contoured depth-to-basement structural model and the very best foundation to develop new petroleum systems exploration strategies.




Make sense of regional heat flow with a project ready, basement-derived present-day heat flow study that provides petroleum explorers with a foundations for regional to permit scale prospectivity screening and calibration.


FROGNet™ Rigid platE GLOBAL reconstruction model 0-542MA

A geology-driven rigid plate reconstruction model offering insight into 15 years of global mapping of tectonostratigraphic provinces and basement terranes by Frogtech Geoscience geodynamic and basement specialists. Available on PaleoGIS.