Frogtech Geoscience is the exclusive global inventor and provider of SEEBASE®, the Industry-Standard Depth-to-Basement model. SEEBASE is an essential foundation for all Play Based Exploration, used extensively by the petroleum industry to make better exploration decisions.

Beyond SEEBASE, our earth-science experience and research capability extends across a broad range of applications for both government and commercial enterprise. Based in Australia, our work and expertise extend across the globe. Our projects for industry and governments cover the business sectors of conventional and unconventional petroleum, minerals, groundwater, geothermal and CCS. With over 300 client projects worldwide, we are a recognised leader in reducing exploration risk through our provision of innovation and high quality, science-based solutions.

Our globally recognised team of geoscientists and geospatial experts use proprietary methodology and systems to deliver highly sophisticated, integrated assessments of basement and basins.

Our multi-client data and interpretation products assist explorers in basin and resource screening - including our signature product SEEBASE, a depth-to-basement structural model. 

SEEBASE® (Structurally Enhanced view of Economic BASEment) is our flagship multi-client product and the best foundation to develop new petroleum systems exploration concepts and strategies.