Proudly founded in Australia by Dr. Tom Loutit PhD in 2004.


Frogtech Geoscience was first founded as a partnership in 2004 by Dr. Tom Loutit on acquisition of the petroleum consulting practice of SRK Australasia Pty Ltd and then later incorporated as an Australian proprietary limited company in 2008. Today, Frogtech Geoscience is recognised as a leading independent global geoscience firm having delivered in excess of three hundred international projects and having established comprehensive global multi-client product lines. 
As a privately owned Australian company our team are committed to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in science and technology and the delivery of comprehensive services and solutions spanning geological, geophysical and information management disciplines. 

Servicing a diverse range of private and government clients in the business sectors of conventional and unconventional O&G, minerals, coal, groundwater, geothermal and CCS the company has built a reputation as a world-leader in the delivery of structural and tectonic interpretations, basin analysis and other resource-related geological services.

With a depth of experience in providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with exploration and development, the company is uniquely positioned to provides clients with services and expertise in plate reconstructions, geodynamics, tectonic events, regional kinematics, basement terranes, basin evolution, seismic/sequence stratigraphy, well log analysis, structural/stratigraphic/facies mapping, heat-flow modelling, petroleum systems, and play concepts/elements.

FROGTECH Pty Ltd trading as Frogtech Geoscience is an independent firm with no material interest in the outcome of the advice, products or solutions we offer.