OZ SEEBASE Phanerozoic and Proterozoic SEEBASE Studies

The Australian Phanerozoic OZ SEEBASE® (2005) and Proterozoic OZ SEEBASE (2006) are the compilation of over 10 years work by FROGTECH with clients in the Australian Federal andState/Territory governments, petroleum, mineral and coal sectors.  

The Phanerozoic basins of Australia were formed through repeated reactivation of long-lived basement structures. By understanding the genesis and geometry of the old basement structures, FROGTECH produced a consistent and testable model for the evolution of the basins that explains their structural framework and architecture. The Phanerozoic OZ SEEBASE depth-to-basement model and structural interpretation can be used to build a new understanding of Australia's Late Proterozoic to Recent basin systems.

In 2006, the Proterozoic OZ SEEBASE expanded on the 'original' Phanerozoic OZ SEEBASE to include the major, relatively undeformed and unmetamorphosed Neoarchaean and Proterozoic Australian basins. The updated 2006 study includes a SEEBASE depth-to-basement model for all major Neoarchaean to Recent basins. In addition, all the datasets that were used to interpret and calibrate the basement surface are included along with derivative layers such as total sediment thickness, basement thickness and interpreted major basement faults attributed with age and movement direction.